Service Agreement Agreement for Services, Policies, and Procedures

I hereby authorize Indymaids/airutopia and its cleaners to provide cleaning services for our property/auto mobile  as agreed upon herein. We confirm we () are the owner, renter, or agent of this property and as such, are authorized to sign this Agreement.
The location of services to be provided is located at:
I further understand that the hourly rate includes an in-depth review of cleaning services required at the beginning and the end of the initial cleaning and is exclusive of any additional fees incurred such as out of area travel.
Indymaids shall supply cleaning products, and materials and perform all of the work as documented on the Customer Checklist provided, or what has been verbally confirmed with the owner/manager/cleaner on scheduled work dates.
The interior of the home is expected to be cleared of clutter unless organizational services have been requested. Toys are to be put away, laundry is set in the laundry basket or washer, clothes are to be put away in the closet or in the dresser(s), dishes are in the dishwasher or cabinets unless requested to be washed. Surfaces that are covered with clutter will not be cleaned unless asked to be organized and cleaned. While cleaning, items will not be put away by cleaners unless the client shows the cleaner where to place them. Insides of appliances are considered add on however outsides will be cleaned.

I do not hold Indymaids liable for any property damage or personal injury before, during, or after services performed. I choose to hire Indymaids at my own risk. I am also aware that Indymaids/airutopia is insured. I understand that Indymaids/airutopia will take all necessary precautions and care for the cleaning of my home. If there is an area that requires special care and instruction it is my responsibility to let Indymaids and its cleaners know about these areas and instructions.
Indymaids will safeguard the client key(s) at all times. The key(s) provided by the client will be handled by the owner or the cleaners on the date of service(s) or if an ongoing cleaning is arranged on to be held in safekeeping with the cleaner /owner. Lost key(s) will be reported to client immediately.
Indymaids insurance policies cover our cleaners only. It does not cover other workers from other companies in the home on a scheduled service date. If other workers are in the home at the same time as our cleaners, I release all liability of Indymaids/airutopia cleaners with my signature on this form. It is my responsibility to validate the work performed by the other company and hold Indymaids/airutopia harmless, now and forever. If actual damage was found from the work our cleaners performed, it must be reported to Indymaids/airutopia or the owner before work has commenced by the employees of the other company.
When required, Indymaids cleaners will need to raise the thermostat to increase the heat to keep warm or to use air conditioning by lowering the thermostat to a comfortable setting to prevent heat exhaustion, fainting, and possible interior damage to customer home.
Upon completion of the work, cleaner(s) and the client will inspect the job. I understand that I will be responsible for payment in full for the time rendered to complete this job at-least 30 min to an hour before cleaners are done.I understand that it is my responsibility to review the work done and to mention any adjustments that I would like done to the job completed at that time. A representative of Indymaids will call me/us one _ hour prior to the completion of the job if I am not on the premises so that I can return to inspect the work and/or make payment. If there is any waiting time due to our late arrival, I understand that I am also responsible for paying that time as well.

Once invoice is sent and deposit is paid appointment and cleaner(s) will be assigned we reserves the right to refuse service when an outstanding balance is due and when payment is not made for the regular service. Our cleaners do not accept payment for services however you may tip them in cash or thru invoice.
I understand that on the service date, individuals that are in the home while the service is being performed must not occupy the rooms while the cleaning is being done. I understand that it is requested that I move to other rooms and be mindful of Indymaids equipment for my family and my own protection and the protection of Indymaids/airutopia cleaners.
Groupon cleans please note this cannot be used as move in move out service unless specifically purchased as move in move out .Groupon cleans doesn’t include insides of cabinets baseboards or windows.Groupons are scheduled depending on availability of Groupon team .Expedited {48hrs ) appointments not allowed with Groupons
Cleaners never except payment (besides tip) or voucher for services rendered send thru text email or invoice
Solicitation of Cleaner
By using our services, you agree not to solicit for hire any member introduced to you by Indy maids for any home-related service. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff, please be advised that our referral fee is $3,500.
Indymaids reserves the right to refuse service on the scheduled date if an animal in the home is considered dangerous. Pets left inside the home on the scheduled service date will be protected to the best of our ability. Indymaids/ will not be held responsible for the behavior of the pet(s) while the service is being performed.
Indymaids guarantees the work performed for 24 hours. Any deficiencies must be reported within this time period.Absolutely no refunds for services rendered as we will make the necessary correction on the next scheduled appointment if possible.
Indymaids will use products or appliances that are authorized by the client only when pre-arranged on the Service Agreement, noted with the owner/cleaner, and/or noted on our Work Order. Cleaners are trained and authorized to use the products and equipment of Indymaids/airutopia. It is at the cleaner?s discretion to use products that the client suggests that are not within the eco-friendly orientation and supplies of Indymaids/ Indymaids is not liable for any damage the client?s products cause to the cleaner, client, or the property should there be any. Indymaids Cleaners are not authorized to use any undocumented items in the customer?s home and are required to document any damage found or incurred on the day of service. All cleaners have been authorized and passed a background inspection by a criminal background check from Datasource. I understand each client is expected to report any concerns to Indymaids management immediately.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the day and year first above written.

6110 west 25 th st suite 24032 Indianapolis Indiana 46224

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